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We seek to invest in small businesses in North America to provide succession planning, strategic advice, and friendly co-ownership to existing owners

Our goal is to partner with successful businesses and continue their legacy into the next phase of ownership 

Partnering with Excellent Businesses & Good People

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Investment Criteria

We think we could be a great match if your business sounds something like this:

  • Located in Canada

  • Strong employee satisfaction

  • Long track record of profitability (>5 years)

  • Recurring, contractual, or frequently-occurring revenues


We would be more than happy to set up a call to discuss your business and its needs - this could be the start of a new chapter!

Why Anatomy?

Succession planning you can count on

  • Less than 50% of small businesses in Canada make it past 10 years, and less than 30% make it past the 17-year mark​

  • We create partnerships that ensure your business' succession, keeping your business in the <30% of winners

Proven background

  • Our team consists of M&A and lending professionals with significant transaction experience

  • We're confident in delivering a smooth experience and structuring honest and successful deals by relying on our extensive relationships and track record in the space

Simple investments

  • We're your ideal investment partner - want to retire? Stay on and manage operations? Let's work towards your ideal situation.

We partner with the best

  • We work with excellent people who run excellent businesses; people matter to us.

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Connect With Us

We would love to discuss your future plans for you and your business

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About Us

Anatomy Capital is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

We were founded to partner with exceptional people and high-quality businesses.

Anatomy is a joint venture with AYCE Capital, a Canadian private equity firm.

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